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Your car’s air-conditioning unit has to keep you comfortable during the warmer months and is a lifesaver. Unfortunately, most car owners do not take too much care of their car’s AC unit. If the AC starts to blow very mildly cold air or stops cooling the vehicle altogether, it might be time for an air conditioning recharge.

At TMC Garage Services, we have qualified technicians who can handle every part of the complicated AC system. If there are any faults with the system, we will fix them. Most importantly, we will top up the refrigerant, which is at the heart of the AC but tends to run low at times.

Once the AC starts malfunctioning, its condition will gradually deteriorate. TMC Garage Services can halt the problems at the initial stage and help you fix your car’s air conditioning in Middlesbrough.

Identifying a faulty unit

A faulty AC unit displays several problems. Here are the most common ones.

1. Inadequate cooling: You will notice an appreciable drop in the cooling power of your car’s air conditioning. The most common reason for this happening is the refrigerant running out. But there might be other reasons as well, likes leaks in the AC ducts and piping.

2. Noisy running: Low coolant levels affect the AC unit in various ways. One of them is a jarring, low-frequency, noise which does not stop. The noise starts whenever the AC’s switched on. It indicates problems with the compressor and refrigerant levels, and you must immediately consult our experts at TMC Garage Services.

3. Smelly vents: A foul smell emanating from the AC vents indicates the growth of mould in the cold and moist parts of the air conditioning unit. Whenever you bring your car to our facility for an aircon regas in Middlesbrough, we will dispatch with these issues.

How we help you

At TMC Garage Services, we inspect every part of the AC unit and make repairs. A brief list of our services follows:

  • Draining of residual refrigerant: First, we use EPA-certified draining systems to cleanse any remaining coolant. Most coolants contribute to global warming as these are greenhouse gases. Our draining systems are airtight and no part is leaked outside.
  • Topping up the coolant: It is a crucial part of air conditioning recharge. Unlike what many car owners believe, freon is no longer used as a standard AC refrigerant. A new type of coolant, R-134, is used across the industry. At TMC Garage Services, we use it too. R-134 is more environment-friendly and has better cooling capabilities. And we store only the best brands of coolants.
  • Inspection of performance: We run an electronic leak test using sophisticated equipment. The system informs us if the AC is running at its peak performance. We also inspect the entire AC mechanism to look for leaks, loose pipes and faulty compressors. Once we are through, your car’s air conditioning in Middlesbrough is as good as new.

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If you believe your vehicle’s AC is not working as well as it should bring it to our facility. We can pinpoint malfunctions, refill coolants and ensure longer service life. Contact us and book an appointment today.