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At TMC Garage Services, we take pride in our customer's satisfaction. We understand the requirements of every car owner in Middlesbrough and offer services that meet them. A car's clutch system is one of the many components that require routine servicing.

When the time for clutch servicing arrives, you’ll start to notice performance issues with your car. Experts in our garage suggest going for a servicing after every 30,000 miles. It’s definitely not safe to wait till your car’s clutch system starts malfunctioning. Regular maintenance via a clutch replacement garage in Middlesbrough is the best approach.

Why’s clutch service a necessity?

A vehicle’s clutch transmits power from its engine to the gearbox. Also, it allows the transmission to be interrupted when you need to change gears.

The essential components of car clutch –

  • Clutch plate
  • Assembly cover
  • Pressure plate
  • Clutch fork
  • Hydraulics
  • Bearings

A complete clutch repair in Middlesbrough must address all of the above parts. The component that needs periodic replacement is the friction material of the assembly, which is the clutch disc.

Due to repeated use, a clutch's components eventually wear out. A malfunctioning clutch will cause issues with vehicle performance.

Here's what can happen when your car's clutch system isn't in well-maintained condition.

Failure to disengage

When the clutch fails to disengage, your vehicle will keep creeping forward even after you press on the pedal.

Possible reasons for this failure –

  • Broken or loose clutch cable.
  • Failed hydraulic master or slave cylinder.
  • Improper fit between the throw-out bearing with the pressure plate.
  • Presence of oil in the disc surface.

At TMC Garage Services, we ensure that no issues go unaddressed. A disengaging clutch out your safety in danger so we treat all clutch related issue with utmost seriousness.

Sudden jolts when changing gears

Gears that are difficult to shift are a major inconvenience when driving in heavy traffic. It can lead to distraction and consequently an accident. Another common issue under this category is a sudden jot in motion after a gear change.

Possible reasons –

  • Lack of fluid in clutch hydraulics.
  • Facing contaminated with oil.
  • Seized spigot bearing.

The above problems can be rectified only by visiting a professional clutch replacement garage in Middlesbrough.


The most common issue with a clutch system is slippage between it and your car’s flywheel under load. The friction material on a clutch disc wears out over time. Improper usage habits such as not fully disengaging the clutch when driving is another reason for a slipping clutch.

Common symptoms –

  • Worn friction surface on flywheel.
  • Weak diaphragm springs.
  • Leaking transmission input shaft.

Slippage between the flywheel and the disc will lower your car's fuel efficiency. It's because you'll have to accelerate more to gain the desired speed.

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At TMC Garage Services in Middlesbrough, we keep clutch discs of all materials. Experts consider your driving requirements and suggest the appropriate friction material for the clutch disc.

Visit our professional garage for the best clutch repair in Middlesbrough.