EU Tyre Label

The European Union, in 2012, introduced a uniform standardised system for depicting 3 crucial aspects of a tyre. These parameters made up the EU tyre label, or merely an EU label. That label is mandatory for all tyres plying in the EU. At TMC Garage Services, we have a wide range of EU rated tyres in Middlesbrough.

Based on EU label parameters, a tyre can be noticeably expensive or relatively budget. This label takes into account three aspects: fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise output. We have excellent models conforming to the highest standards of an EU label.

Decoding the EU label for tyres

The next time you buy a new set of wheels from us at TMC Garage Services, you can quickly check for yourself how good the model is by looking up the EU label. Here are its 3 aspects.

  • Fuel efficiency: EU rated tyres in Middlesbrough have an icon resembling a fuel pump next to a tyre. That depicts fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency depends on a wheel’s rolling resistance; the lower this resistance, the more fuel efficient that model is. Grade ‘A’ denotes the best-performing model while Grade ‘G’ depicts the tyre with maximum fuel consumption. Most of the best EU label tyres in Middlesbrough have either grades ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C.’
  • Wet grip: EU tyre label in Middlesbrough also depicts the wet grip of a tyre. The icon resembles a cloud beside a tyre, and the ratings are given on a scale of ‘A’ to ‘G’. Grade ‘A’ depicts the best wet grip while grade ‘G’ denotes the minimal acceptable performance of a tyre as per this parameter. Wheels with better traction in wet conditions have a much-shortened braking distance and are considered safer.
  • Noise levels: The last parameter is a tyre’s road noise levels measured in decibels or dB. The exterior noise of a wheel is measured, and it forms part of the overall atmospheric pollution. The ratings are measured in black semi-circles. One semi-circle, or a wave, indicates the least noise output, which is at least 3db below the upper limit. 3 black waves indicate a noisy tyre which is not recommended for use.

Buy tyres in Middlesbrough

At TMC Garage Services, we specialise in both sales and services. Hence our name, The MOT Centre or TMC. You will get all models with EU tyre label in Middlesbrough from our facility both online and from our facility. Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page for more details.