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Your car’s exhaust system need periodic professional interventions and services to keep it working as it should. The exhaust system is extremely complicated and servicing it requires proper automotive expertise. That is where our facility, TMC Garage Services, comes in.

We are the best exhaust repair garage in Middlesbrough. Our experienced technicians use the latest equipment to undertake any repair or replacement service of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

However, most parts of the exhaust are not repairable; they need complete replacements. We also sell OE-grade spares at very attractive prices.

How to detect a faulty exhaust

There are many signs a defective exhaust system displays before it is damaged completely. They are:

  1. A deep rumbling noise: You will hear a low growl whenever the car is in motion. The faster your vehicle runs, the higher the noise emission becomes. It is a clear indicator that the exhaust’s muffler is malfunctioning. The noise is also audible immediately after ignition. A bad catalytic converter also contributes to such noise. You must go for an exhaust service in Middlesbrough if you notice any low rumbles.
  2. Unusual vibrations: One significant indicator of exhaust issues are constant vibrations. While most vehicular vibrations are caused by a faulty suspension or worn-out shock absorbers, leaks in an exhaust manifold might also contribute to vibrations under your feet or in the steering column. Such issues can be handled ably with an exhaust service in Middlesbrough.
  3. Poor mileage: It is probably the most common indicator of exhaust malfunctions. Exhaust leaks increase engine temperatures and consume more fuel. While some aspects contribute to decreased mileage- including tyre damage and fuel type- exhaust problems are also at fault behind plunging mileage. You must bring your car to TMC Garage Services to address any underlying issues.
  4. Unusual odour inside car cabin: A suspect exhaust system may channel noxious fumes inside the vehicle, instead of venting it outside. That will leave faint but noticeable odour inside the car. If you detect burning smells or fuel-like substances, you must immediately get the exhaust systems looked at by qualified technicians.
  5. Too much smoke from the tailpipe: If your car belches out a lot of smoke, mostly dark, it indicates exhaust issues. The catalytic converter may be malfunctioning. Emission of white smoke, on the other hand, suggests that water is somehow mixing in the combustion cycle and is preventing complete fuel catalysis.
  6. Car rattling at stops: Rattling at stop lights is an indication of a faulty exhaust manifold. Vibrations will be detectable when the car’s in motion; rattling will occur only when you have stopped at a signal or otherwise. At times, the ‘check engine’ light might also blink to life. You must contact a reliable exhaust repair garage in Middlesbrough at once.

Let TMC Garage Services help you

At TMC Garage Services, we can fix any issues with your car’s exhaust system. We will also carry out a comprehensive post-repair performance analysis. Visit our website and book an appointment.