MOT Repairs

One of the major reasons why a car fails a MOT test is its ill-maintenance. An MOT failure results in a VT30 certificate, one which bars your vehicle from plying the roads of the United Kingdom until you clear the test. You may have to shell out a hefty fine if you are caught driving without an MOT passed, or VT20, certificate.

At TMC Garage Services, we specialise in both pre and post-MOT services. If you have a MOT test coming up, we can help you with a comprehensive MOT repair in Middlesbrough. Our repair services will also be of great assistance if you need post-MOT servicing.

When you undergo but fail to pass an MOT test, the testing authority will issue details on which areas require attention. We will focus on those areas specifically.

Understanding MOT standards

Before we carry out any pre-MOT repairs, we will help you differentiate your vehicle based on its MOT category.

A Class 4 MOT is needed for most passenger vehicles, goods vehicles up to 3000 kgs in unladen weight, motor caravans etc.

A Class 5 MOT involves heavier passenger cars capable of ferrying 13 people.

A Class 7 MOT involves goods vehicles that have an unladen weight of 3500 kgs and above.

Our repairs

MOT repair in Middlesbrough before a MOT test involves an inspection of all the aspects of your vehicle which are often overlooked. Our technicians excel in pre-MOT testing.

Our post MOT servicing is more comprehensive. If the VT30 specifies the reason why your car has fallen short of desired standards, we will address them first. Barring them, our MOT repair in Middlesbrough covers the following areas:

  1. Brakes: Brakes are prone to wear and degrade exponentially over time. We carry out repairs wherever possible; else, we will replace any necessary parts. Note that most parts of a braking system cannot be repaired and replacements are required.
  2. Exhaust system: Noxious fumes can fail you the MOT. We check the exhaust system for any leaks, cracks and wear. We will replace mufflers and other crucial parts as per requirements.
  3. Tyres: Our facility- TMC Garage Services- stores a wide range of tyres for your perusal. We do not recommend you use re-treaded wheels. We will replace the old and worn wheels with new ones from any brand you choose.
  4. Lights: Our technicians check and replace any interior or exterior lights that may be working up. Often, smaller lights like lane change indicator are fused or broken; we will replace them too.
  5. Suspension system: Repairing a faulty suspension is one of our specialities. Frequent trips and kerbing causes untold damage to a vehicle’s suspension. Our technicians restore it using the latest technologies.
  6. Windscreen damage: Any chipping or cracks on the windshield will fail the test. Our team will carry out the necessary repairs. We will also service the rear windscreen and side windows.
  7. Battery: A car’s battery is often overlooked, leading to malfunction and damage. At TMC Garage Services, we will try and repair the car’s battery. Failing that, we will replace the battery.

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