Summer Tyres

If you live and drive in the United Kingdom, you can use summer tyres whenever the temperature is above 7°C. These tyres are more nimble, are made of a harder grade of rubber and have superior aquaplaning capabilities. Most performance tyres are based on summer wheels as they provide improved acceleration.

The rise of summer wheels has boomed over the years. Summer car tyres in Middlesbrough and neighbouring are now common. If you are looking forward to purchasing new sets of tyres, our facility, TMC Garage Services can help. We store some of the best models of these wheels and retail them at attractive prices.

How are summer tyres different?

You can use these wheels without any worry if you are driving in comparatively warmer climates. Summer tyres price in Middlesbrough is also a tad lower compared to many other models. Here are some specific aspects to them –

  • The rubber-polymer compound that goes into the manufacture of these wheels is unique. It is harder than most other tyres, and will not lose shape even when the tarmac is hot. These wheels can withstand high running temperatures.
  • These wheels have shallower grooves with well-defined shoulder blocks. That helps them in navigating better than most tyre models. The broader shoulder blocks also help them take on sharper bends.
  • Summer wheels are well-suited for high-performance vehicles as they are capable of sustained high speeds. You can buy such tyres online from us.
  • Lastly, summer wheels respond better to braking, when compared to many other tyre models.

The best summer tyres in the UK

The city of Middlesbrough is witnessing a rapid rise in the number of summer wheels being sold, and TMC Garage Services sells a significant number every year.

Some of the best such wheels in these Isles are:

  1. Bridgestone Potenza S007.
  2. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT.
  3. Continental SportContact6.
  4. Michelin Pilot Sport 3.

As you can see, most of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers produce a full gamut of summer wheels. Many of these models come as OE on premium cars. The summer tyres price in Middlesbrough depends on their durability and longevity, besides performance capabilities.

Buy summer tyres from us

At TMC Garage Services, you can buy these wheels both offline as well as online. Our facility has a leading team of qualified technicians who can also help you choose the best wheels for your vehicle. Always choose our facilities as:

  • We offer the best available prices in this area on these models.
  • Our facility stores a wide variety of summer tyres.
  • We have a secure website from where you can purchase tyres of your choice without any fear of security breaches.

Whenever you think of summer tyres, think of TMC Garage Services. We have a range for you to choose from.