Tyre Fitting

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As a leading tyre retailer and car service provider in Middlesbrough, the importance of proper tyre fitting is not lost to us. That is why we offer tyre fitting as one of the key services at our tyre fitting garage in Middlesbrough.

Any automobile expert worth their salt will tell you how dangerous incorrect tyre fitting can be. It is not only detrimental to the condition of your tyres but is also consequential for your road safety.

Importance of professional tyre fitting

While buying a suitable set of tyres is critically important, it is nowhere near enough to ensure optimal drivability of your car. For that, you need professional tyre mounting, which is something TMC Garage Services excels at.

There are many adverse consequences of improper tyre mounting, both regarding road safety and the condition of your car.

  • Inaccurate tyre mounting is one of the leading causes of tyre and rim damage.
  • If the tyre doesn’t sit accurately on the rim bead, there is a severe risk of the tyre detaching from the rim.
  • Wheel alignment and balance may get distorted due to improperly mounted tyres. It will also result in rapid tyre wear.
  • The fuel efficiency of your car will take a nosedive.

It is, therefore, paramount that you take your car to a registered auto garage for tyre fitting in Middlesbrough. It might have been practical earlier to do it yourself, but modern vehicles and tyres are much more sophisticated with technologies like TPMS integrated into them. It takes special equipment and professional expertise to carry out this service flawlessly.

Professional tyre fitting at amateur costs

In other words, bring your car to TMC Garage Services when you need new tyres mounted on your vehicle. We have a speciality tyre fitting wing which is adept in various advancements in the field. Some special tyre fitting services we carry out include:

  • Reverse tyre mounting
  • TPMS compatible tyre mounting

We also stock an exclusive collection of tyres from almost every major manufacturer including Dunlop, Continental, Michelin and Bridgestone. So, you can buy your favourite set of tyres and get them mounted all under the same roof.

Being an integrated car service station, TMC Garage Services in Middlesbrough also performs all other tyre related service such as wheel alignment and balancing. We recommend our clients to have their wheel alignment and balance checked while mounting tyres. It holds true for both old car tyres and new.

Drop by at our tyre fitting garage in Middlesbrough for the most accurate and affordable tyre service. We are here to help!