Tyre Selling

Our facility- TMC Garage Services- specialise in selling tyres for passenger cars. Due to the astronomical rise in the number of privately-owned vehicles in Middlesbrough, the demand for car tyres has risen sharply. The median car tyres price in Middlesbrough has fallen somewhat, in keeping with the laws of demand and supply.

At TMC, we keep in tow with both the demand for top-end value-for-money tyres and the supply to follow up!

We store all types of tyres: summer, winter, all-season and run-flat. Besides, we also retail run-flat tyres. Our inventory includes tyres from the houses of:

  • Michelin
  • Dunlop
  • Continental, and
  • Bridgestone

We also offer tyre fitment services at our garage. We do not provide mobile fitments as of now.

Tyre types

Based on the climatic conditions they can handle, we sell:

  • Summer tyres: Summer car tyres are ideal for use whenever the temperatures rise above 7°C. These tyres are made of a harder rubber compound which allows them to accelerate faster than most other wheels and generate more than enough traction. Summer wheels are extraordinarily nimble and sport the lowest rolling resistance to accentuate fuel economy.
  • Winter tyres: These models are best-suited for use during the freezing winters. Temperatures often plummet beyond 7°C, and the roads get slick with overnight snow. Winter wheels have better aquaplaning abilities and can be studded to combat extremely tricky surfaces.
  • All-season tyres: These strike a balance between summer and winter wheels, and has an intermediate rubber construction, which is neither too soft nor too hard. Such tyres are capable of replacing 2 sets of tyres which the UK’s residents often use due to the cold temperatures. Note that experts at TMC Garage Services warn these models cannot replace winter wheels when the temperatures get too low.
  • Wet weather tyres: Such models are useful when there’s more clouds doing the rounds than sunshine. While such tyres are not too different from other types, they perform significantly better in rainy seasons. If you live in cities like Blackpool, Liverpool, Gloucester or Glasgow, you may have to use these models. Ordinarily, cheap car tyres in Middlesbrough do not include this range.

Models based on performance

Based on their performance capabilities, we store:

  • Run-flat tyres: Such models have a toughened sidewall and can withstand punctures or blow-outs. Even with a puncture, you can use these tyres for 50 miles at 50mph. However, on the flip side, you may need to replace these wheels from a recognised garage like TMC Garage Services after their use.
  • UHP tyres: Ultra High-Performance or UHP tyres are used in vehicles which are capable getting the best out of them. Such wheels are more expensive than their counterparts but are hardier and capable of off-road handling. These are also heavier than other wheels. You can buy such tyres online from us.

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