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Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

In our many years of service, we have noticed that the name Continental evokes a sense of trust among the motorists of Middlesbrough. Continental has cultivated this trust through years of dedicated service and excellent products which car owners love. At TMC Garage Services, we take immense pride in being one of the leading authorised Continental tyre retailers in this region.

Continental is considered one of the Big Four of the tyre industry. It operates in more than 180 countries around the world through dealerships and independent tyre retailers like us.

Why Continental?

Our in-house experts have a particular propensity towards Continental car tyres in Middlesbrough because of the excellent feedback that we keep on receiving on several occasions.

This positive outlook towards Continental is backed by its performance. They have proved their mettle time and again the numerous race tracks around the world, winning multiple F1 Championships which is considered the highest peak for a tyre manufacturer.

Most of the tyre technology that they use in their racing tyres is ultimately incorporated in their line of passenger car tyres as well. It makes these tyres second to none in performance, durability and numerous other parameters.

Another reason why we recommend Continental car tyres in Middlesbrough is the vastness of their range. Continental has tyres in every price, performance and vehicle category. You might drive a Ford Fiesta or a Ferrari or a Ferrari 250 GTO, Continental surely has something for you.

Why TMC Garage Services?

As mentioned earlier, we are one of the largest retailers of Continental car tyres in Middlesbrough. We have a massive stock of Continental tyres in our inventory for every vehicle type and performance category.

If you do not have a particular model in mind, you are welcome to sift through our entire collection with the help of our experts. Here are some models that are particularly popular among motorists of this town.

  • ExtremeContact DW (Max performance summer)
  • Premiumcontact 6 (Grand Touring Summer)
  • ContiWinterContact TS 830 P (Performance winter)
  • CrossContact UHP (Street/Sport Truck Summer)

You can also get your Continental tyres fitted right here at our facility. We have an efficient tyre fitting service right here at our workshop. We also perform other tyre related services like wheel alignment and balancing, and puncture repairs.

In essence, you can not only buy your Continental tyres from us but also get it fitted or repaired here. We also sell Continental tyres online.

Visit TMC Garage Today and gift your car a set of Continental!