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Dunlop is one of the most iconic British tyre brands with its feet planted on every continent. Named after legendary inventor and entrepreneur John Boyd Dunlop, the corporation is more than 100 years old. And while Dunlop’s shareholding patterns are scattered worldwide, their quality has never suffered.

3 elements have set Dunlop car tyres in Middlesbrough and other areas in the UK apart from competitors. These are advanced Research and Development, better production capabilities and a wide range of products.

At our facility, TMC Garage Services, where TMC stands for The MOT Centre, we are experts in sales of Dunlop’s various models. Dunlop’s summer, winter and all-season wheels have always been popular and sell well throughout the year.

Dunlop’s best-selling models

Dunlop has a significant presence across multiple niches in these British Isles. We have returning customers for many Dunlop products. Here is a condensed list of our all-time best-sellers.

For summers

  • Dunlop SP Sport 01: One of Dunlop’s top offers for performance vehicles, this summer tyre offers spectacular acceleration. It has superior treads which allow better traction and excellent manoeuvrability. Most of the Dunlop tyres online that we sell come from the SP Sport range.
  • Dunlop SP Sport DSST ROF: This model is a run-flat summer wheel designed as OEM for many advanced passenger sedans. It is capable of sustained acceleration even with high loads. The DSST ROF combines the best of both worlds- summer wheels with run-flat capabilities- at very reasonable prices.

For winters

1. Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D DSST: Part of the extended DSST range, this winter wheel also has run-flat technology built-in. The SP Winter 3D is an excellent choice for the coldest months and will sell well whenever the next cold wave hits.

2. Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 DSST: Another winter model with run-flat technology, the Winter Sport M3 benefits from its unique tread pattern which enables hassle-free rides. The M3 DSST is a must-have for luxury vehicle owners. It provides excellent value for money.

For performance vehicles

Dunlop has some superb wheels for high-performance cars. They include:

  • Dunlop SP Sport 5000: It offers spectacular performance, and is meant for all-season use too. The SP Sport 5000 is capable of aiding in better braking and the corresponding EU label shows it has low noise levels.
  • Dunlop SP Sport 5000M: Compared to its sibling, the 5000M boasts all-weather use and a run-flat nature. The SP Sport 5000M is used as standard fitment on most British cars which are meant for colder climes.

Buy Dunlop tyres

You can purchase Dunlop car tyres in Middlesbrough from our facility, TMC Garage Services. In case you have doubts about which model to choose from, you can always consult our experts. You can also buy these tyres online from us at attractive prices.