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wheel balancing

Unlike what many people believe, wheel balancing and alignment are not the same. Wheel balancing is a complicated procedure where the overall weight of the wheel and tyre is spread evenly. Even in factory-fresh wheels, the combined weight is not properly balanced. That is where our facility- TMC Garage Services- comes into play.

We are the best wheel balancing garage in Middlesbrough. Our technicians use the most modern bang-on or adhesive wheels made of metal to various parts of the tyre rim to spread out the weight evenly.

Wheel balancing at our facility is easily done, does not take much time and is also pocket-friendly.

When do you need wheel balancing?

Misbalanced wheels showcase a variety of symptoms which can build up over time to cause damage to your vehicle if left unused. Here are some indications you might come across which may force you to seek a wheel balancing session.

  • Uneven tyre wear: Uneven tyre wear is a major giveaway of misbalanced wheels. At times, the outer portions of a tyre are more worn out than the central 3/4th part; often, the opposite`. In any case, uneven tyre wear is a dead giveaway of tyre wear.
  • Plunging fuel economy: Worn-out tyres generally have greater rolling resistance and thus the vehicle needs to consume more fuel to move the same distance. While decreased mileage may have many causes, uneven wheel balancing is one of the prime reasons.
  • Vibrating floorboards: A wheel balancing garage in Middlesbrough will solve any vibrations that may be caused by unevenly worn wheels. Such unwanted vibrations may eventually spread to the steering column itself, which will result in difficulty in controlling the vehicle.
  • Once every 2 years: It is a point which our experts at TMC Garage Services stress upon. It is especially true if you drive on uneven or rough roads regularly. Many people ignore this 2-year rule, but it may be dangerous.
  • After every tyre fitting: Every time you fit a new set of tyres on your car, they need to be balanced. At TMC Garage Services, we carry out wheel balancing in Middlesbrough with great skill and using the latest technology.
  • Once every 5000 miles: After you have driven over 5000 miles, a wheel balancing is mandatory. There may not be any noticeable issues with your vehicle; however, it is a proactive measure designed to prevent any further damage to your car and to add to road safety.

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At TMC Garage Services, we provide excellent price packages on wheel balancing and a host of other services. If you are noticing anything ‘off’ with your car, contact us today either online or over the phone. Our technicians can help you on any working day with wheel balancing in Middlesbrough.